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Founder/ CEO: Chử Thị Thanh Hương

Và các cộng sự là Thành viên của Hội Cha Mẹ Trẻ Khiếm Thính Việt Nam




Name: Chử Thị Thanh Hương

DoB: 26.09.1974

Address: Hanoi, Viet Nam

Contact details:  +84 (0) 904 128 048       E-mail: Duythanhhuong1@gmail.com 

Skype: chuthithanhhuong74


  • Graduated from Institute for International Relations Foreign Affairs – Secretarial Profession – in 1996
  • Graduated from Hanoi Open University – Major in English- in 1997
  • Other training:

– Human Resources Management (General & Advanced courses)

– Leadership Skill Course

– People Management Courses

– Courses for enhancing management in helping special needs

– AVT short courses


Media- Book records:

Article written in “20 years Education for Student with Handicapped” The Summary Record Book : Parent’s Role in Education Children with Hearing Loss Children

Attended & presented for parents with hearing loss children make speech at ”International workshop: the quality of Inclusive Education in Vietnam for Children with handicapped” held by UNICEF and Ministry of Education

Articled on Ear Foundation (United Kingdom): The Power of Parents in 2015

Documentary on VOV2 (Voice of Vietnam- channel 2): http://vov2.vov.vn/doi-nhu-co-tich/mang-am-thanh-cho-con-chuyen-co-tich-dep-nhat-c115-22005.aspx (Bringing Sound for daughter – the best fairy tail) in Sep 2016

Boardcarsting on VTV2 (Vietnamese Television Channel 2): http://vtv.vn/video/nguoi-phu-nu-hanh-phuc-hanh-trinh-cua-nguoi-me-232834.htm (The mother’Journey) in July 2017

Boardcasting on the National Assembly Television

http://quochoitv.vn/Videos/quoc-hoi-voi-cu-tri/2018/4/quoc-hoi-cu-tri-ngay-31-03-2018-dung-bo-tre-khuyet-tat-o-lai-phia-sau-/201899  (Don let Children with disability behind from 8’) In March 2018

http://quochoitv.vn/Videos/cau-chuyen-hom-nay/2018/4/trekhiem-thinh-mat-con-neu-khong-hanh-dong-som/212534 (Hearing Loss Children Loosing your child if you do not action soon) In April 2018

Boardcasting on National Defense Television

http://qpvn.vn/tin-video/nhung-doi-tay-biet-hat.html  (cooperation in the event “the singing hands” in May 2018

Documentary on VOV2 (Voice of Vietnam- channel 2): August 2018 Painting Exhibition for Hearing loss Children


  • Documentary on VOV2 (Voice of Vietnam- channel 2): December 2018 A mother with Hearing loss established a Social Enterprise for Hearing Loss People


  • Boardcarsting on the National Essembly Television: Feb 2019- The House for Hearingloss Childs


  • Boardcarsting on the Viet Nam National Defense Television: June 2019 “Sống tích cực”


  • Boardcarsting on the National CableTelevision- VTC10: July 2019 “Community Bridge” progame


  • Articled on Tuổi trẻ Newspaper: 14 years finding sound for daughter Aug 2019



IV/ Working Experience:

March 2018 – Present:  Founder and CEO of Vietnam Hard of Hearing Liability Limited Company (HLCS Vietnam Co., Ltd)

Since June 2012 –  Present :  The Founder of Vietnamese Association for Parent with Hearing Loss Children (VAPHLC)

This Association is established aim to help parents or encourage them to face with the fact of having a hearing loss children. One of the Association’s main goal is to enhance parent’s knowledge so that they can decide the method or direction to help their child, and that parents can share the experience how to build up a hearing loss child especially to help child to study and join social activities like normal children.

In other hand, the very importance activity is to contact specialists to consult & answer questions about Language Development, Audiology …To connect with other organizations to support or arrange social activities for hearing loss children. Longer aims, we hope to have a central to be funded so that parents or children can learnt without fee as well as career orientation for hearing loss children when they are grown up.

Since 2014: Being a volunteer for the Global Foundation for Hearing Loss children:

Since 2007 –  Present: Human Resource Manager/ Consultation  in the fields of Education, Technology and Medical industry

 From 1996 – 2006: Operation Manager/ Public Relations Executive/Assistant for Project Control Manager/ Chief Representative  in the fields of Construction, Service industry