Possibilities with LSL

The majority of children with hearing loss can and do develop great listening, spoken language, and literacy skills – just like children with normal hearing. Even with all that is possible, learning that your child has hearing loss may be unexpected and a bit shocking. Now, you probably find yourself wanting to learn all that you can so you’ll know how to help your child reach their full potential.

Today’s Impact On Tomorrow

Most parents today want their child to listen and talk. This is possible and can have a significant impact on your child’s future. They can:

  • Become great conversationalists who can easily talk with friends and family
  • Go to school in a regular classroom with hearing peers just like their siblings, cousins, and neighborhood friends
  • Learn to read on grade level and do well in school
  • Play on sports teams with brothers, sisters, and friends
  • Become teachers, dancers, and musicians or whatever they want
  • Learn multiple spoken languages
  • Pursue any interest or hobby

How Is LSL Possible?

For your baby to learn to listen, talk, and read, you’ll need to act quickly and follow steps known to unlock listening and spoken language possibilities:

  • Identify the hearing loss early, soon after your baby is born
  • Fit your baby with hearing technology and wear it all waking hours so that they can hear all the sounds of speech
  • Start LSL early intervention services as soon as possible

You will need to learn some new skills by partnering with an audiologist and a LSL early interventionist who can guide and coach you to teach your child how to listen and talk. It will take some perseverance and determination on your part, but the interventionist will be there to support you along the way. Your investment during these important language-learning years will have huge payoffs for your child’s future.


Children who are deaf or hard of hearing can have the same opportunities to dream big, and achieve whatever they want.

Today, the sky is the limit.

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